The Art of Sex, Feminine WooWoo and Awakening Your Inner Awesome

The Libido Lab

4 four week group coaching experience to help you step up and step in to a new sex life and Renewed relationship for 2020.

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Done with mediocre sex and a mediocre life?

Hey mamma,

Are you pregnant and freaking out about what sex is going to be like post baby?

Are you in the first six months - in a sleep deprived haze between feedings wondering how you are going to fit your relationship, yourself and sex back into your life?

Are you three years in, feeling like you are in a business partnership with you significant other and wondering where the spark went?

I am here for you.

At the Happy Vagina Project we help all mammas (whether new or seasoned) to become best friends with their vaginas, their womanhood and their authentic selves so they can change the world as empowered, confident and strong women, mothers and partners.

We are a community of mothers who are reclaiming their sexuality to live more joyful, soulful and connected lives- and help our kids do it too.

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Sex After Kids Masterclass


Need a space to dish what you wouldn’t dare share anywhere else?