Happy VAginas are SMART VAginas

It's finally here. The Happy Vagina Project Book Club. We've been scheming a Whitehorse-based monthly gathering for some time now. With thanks to a little inspiration from some friends we figured what better way to spread the love than to meet once a month and dive in to my latest book recommendation. 

Picture this....

Wine. Cheese. Friends.Lounge-Worthy Carpets. Talking Sex, Relationships, and Bodies. 

Once a month we'll gather at my studio, cozy up and and have a gab fest on the topics covered by that month's book. It's like your girlfriend coffee visits but with a broader community of awesome women and a sexual health educator to give you all the goods. 

I know. I know. You are busy. No time to read? All good. Show up anyways, get the reader's digest version of the book, helpful takeaways and some much needed girlfriend time.

There are so many wonderful, smart, amazing women in this town. Come and meet them in this safe and cozy zone. Share your stories, hear from others, or just observe. It's all welcome. 

How does it work?

Easy peasy. Sign up for the Book Club Newsletter below. You'll get all the info you need about the book and that month's gathering.

We meet in downtown Whitehorse, Yukon once a month.
Send your questions to sofia@thehappyvaginaproject.com  


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