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Womxn’s Coaching

So.. here you are are.  That little voice in the back of your mind has been nagging you about your sex life and Google has led you here. Welcome! Your Vagina is thanking you already.

 Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I’m so tired of the same old sex with my partner

  • Sex is pretty good but kinda meh

  • I love my partner but just don’t feel that connected to him/ her lately. I’m craving something more.

  • I’m never in the mood, sex is such a chore

  • Ever since the baby my body doesn’t look and feel the same anymore. It’s not working the way it used to.

  • Ever since my breakup I just can’t seem to orgasm the same way, not even on my own

    I just can’t get out of my head during sex

  • Menopause is changing my vagina, what do I do?

Maybe these thoughts are just whispers right now, or maybe you are frustrated to tears just thinking about them – either way, you are not alone and you CAN do something about it.

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More Sparks Please - Coaching for Couples

Sexual connection is a large part of the foundation of our intimate relationships. Understanding the sexual fingerprint of your relationship and of each partner is the key to deeper intimacy and connection. It is a doorway to personal understanding and growth, and the pathway to pleasure. 

Couples coaching is a great tool for those who are:

  • craving new levels of intimacy and connection in your relationship

  • looking for ways to ramp up the passion

  • seeking to reconnect and ignite the spark after big life changes or a long time together

  • searching for ways to bring each other deeper pleasure

  • seeking tools for personal and relationship growth

As your coach my goal is to create a safe space to talk about these often painful issues and to give you knowledge and tools that will take you to new personal and sexual heights.  I'll develop a program tailor made for your relationship designed to help you achieve your specific goals.