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Reclaim Your Sexy in Six Weeks - Fall 2017

A six -week workshop to explore what sexuality means, the role it plays in our lives, the ripple effect it creates and how to reclaim our pleasure, our sexuality, our whole selves in the process. Using a combination of dance, mindfulness, meditation and group discussion we will explore what it means to live our pleasure

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7:00 PM19:00

Happy V Book Club - Mating in Captivity

I'm really excited to dive into Mating in Captivity By Esther Perel for our August meet up. I have a total girl-crush on this celebrity couples therapist. Her book is a deep dive into erotic intelligence and how to keep the fires burning in our domestic partnerships. 

I have yet to read the book but listen to her podcast interviews and online videos often. She helps us to explore why and how our sex lives often nose dive in marriage and after kids and what we can do about it. It's not all hopeless I promise. Desire can feel like a fickle thing - Perel uses science, research and twenty years of working with couples to guide us back to the home fires.

You can check out her brilliant Ted talk here. I can't wait to hear your reflections on this read.  
The Details: 
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017
707 Jarvis St. (Back alley garage entrance) 

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7:00 PM19:00

Happy V Book Club - Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay


Are you a feminist? What makes a good feminist or a bad one? Roxanne Gay has some ideas and they will make you laugh, cry and think... seriously. Her book, Bad Feminist, is a series of essays that is one part personal biography, one part rant, and one part pop culture review. It is witty and hilarious and awesome and also asks us to think about some really big questions. 

I never used to call myself a feminist. I had a really hard time with the word. I equated it with "man -hater". Over the last five years I've come to define and create my own view of what it means to be a feminist. But I tell you, sometimes it is frustrating as hell to be so god damned PC all the time. I work in marketing for craps sakes - stereotypes and labels are how I am trained to communicate. Seeing the world through other people's eyes and shaking up my view of reality is exhausting in some moments, and damnit, sometimes I just want to listen to that catchy-as-all-hell rap song that is misogynistic as fuck. Oh - and I like swearing. Do good feminists swear? 

I chose this book because it's a great reflection on a still often-times contentious word, because it's intersectional, and because it helps us to see into a world that is not ours. Always, because being a feminist is important, and thinking about how we make change for ourselves and others in the world is a divine pursuit - even if it's frustrating sometimes.  

Check out Roxanne's Ted Talk here for the skinny. We'll see you at the end of July. 

The details:
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
7:00PM - 9:00PM
707 Jarvis st (studio access is in the alleyway)

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6:45 PM18:45

Happy V. Happy Me.

If my vagina could respond to this workshop she would say, ‘hello world, here I am!! I’ve been asleep for a while but I’m starting to wake up and it feels good. I am a force of nature.!!!!’
— past participant

Using Expressive Art Therapy techniques, image and play, explore the story of your sexuality and unleash your inner awesome. Tap into you inner wisdom to learn how to embrace pleasure and honour the real you. Bring a buddy or come solo for a relaxing evening of art and self-exploration. 

  • Safe, nurturing environment.
  • No artistic skill necessary.
  • Tea, Coffee, and tasty treats 
  • All materials supplied just bring your imagination. 
  • Juicy hand-outs to take home

The details:

Thursday April 23, 2015
Suite 203-309 Main St. (above Coast Mountain Sports)
6:45-10:00 PM
Tickets: $29 or $49 for two

Bring comfy clothes, a journal if you like, and a shirt you don't mind getting a little dirty.

Call 867-332-0904 for more details or register here.

What participants are saying:

I appreciate how Meghan and Sofia made me feel safe right away by acknowledging the phone conversation we had before I registered – if not by words, then by expression, by giving me a hug. This support continued throughout the workshop. I felt I could share as much or as little as I wanted , no judgement.
— past participant
I enjoyed the entire process. It was very healing and it has gotten my in touch with my body and my sexuality. It allowed space for non-judgment I am grateful for this.
— past participant
Enjoyed the day, thank you. I would love to see more around this topic. A series would be great. Very comfortable and great space. I am glad I participated.
— past participant

Your Facilitators:

Meghan Hajash is passionate about Expressive Art Therapy and using those skills to hold space for others to uncover their own answers. Meghan is a Vancouver-based Expressive Art Therapist and recently launched her company Art Empowers. Meghan is a also a long time facilitator and conference organizer. 

Sofia Fortin is a long time facilitator and communications specialist and the brainchild behind the Happy Vagina Project - an initiative to get women talking about sex and thinking about the connections between the boardroom and the bedroom. She is soaking up all she can about feminine energy, leadership and sex and dishing out real style in an effort to change the world

What is Expressive Art Therapy

The premise of Expressive Art therapy is to use various artistic and therapeutic techniques including painting, drawing, imagery, drama, music, poetry, clay and/or movement, that tap into one's subconscious and imagination, to facilitate and support change and growth.No artistic skill necessary.

Art Empowers focuses on group Expressive Art Therapy workshops, art education workshops and one-to-one sessions. Art Empowers is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Meghan Hajash. Currently Art Empowers is working with Turning Point Recovery Centre, MadeinBC dance company and Another Space Studio. Art Empowers runs on a client centred, all-inclusive, loving environment. Meghan is extremely passionate about using Expressive Art therapy techniques in a cooperative and collaborative way supporting people's quality of life.  



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9:45 AM09:45

How to be a Grown Ass Woman - Taking Care of Yourself Like a Boss

Growing up is hard to do. Get ready for the ultimate mash-up of nutrition, yoga, and feminine woo woo (what what!) that’s sure to have your gorgeous lady self ready to take on the world like a boss! Sofia and Selene will share practical tips and easy to implement tools for embracing your amazing feminine mind, body and spirit and awakening your inner awesome. 

Registration: $50.00 (includes yummy smoothies, raw food treats, handouts and magic.)

How It's Going to Go Down:

9:45 AM - Getting Cozy
Set up, get comfortable and ready to start the day. Tasty smoothies and light treats will be served. 

10:00 AM (SHARP) - Meet Your Fellow Superheroes (Introductions and Icebreakers)

10:30- 11:30  AM - What is Feminine WooWoo Anyways?
Together we'll explore our lady super powers and talk about the biology, psychology, and spirituality (history/anthropology) of the feminine. We'lll talk about how to embrace and tap into our strengths and rock the inner awesome and the planet. 

11:30AM-12:15PM - Yoga that Booty - Loving Your Bod 
Delicious Yoga to get our afternoon started right. Selene will lead you in an energizing yoga routine that will leave you relaxed, focused, and ready to take on the world.

12:15PM - 1:00PM - LUNCH BREAK

1:00PM-2:00PM - Super Foods for Super Women
Everything is connected. What we eat affects our mind, emotions, and bodies. Selene will walk you through the foods that will help balance hormones, fight cancer and give you other super powers. With an easy to digest summary of current scientific research, she’ll make it fun and delicious for you to find health, happiness, and superhuman strength through your plate.

2:00PM - 2:15PM - BREAK

2:15PM - 3:15PM - Keeping your Vagina Happy
Sexuality is about so much more than your lady bits. In this interactive talk Sofia will shine the light on some of our issues between the sheets and talk about how our relationship to pleasure affects our whole life. Kegels, G-spots, and breast massage oh-My! Come ready with your questions and stories and let's talk real vagina business. 

3:15PM - 4PM- Closing the day

Important Details

  • Space is limited to 15 women so register early
  • Yummy smoothies, coffee, tea, and whole food snacks are on us
  • Bring a yoga mat (beg, borrow or steal we don't care) 
  • Bring a lunch - there will be a 45 minute break and brown bags are sexy
  • Wear something stretchy and comfy. Chunky wool socks and sweaters encouraged. Who says you can't be stylish while you go on retreat. 
  • Bring a journal and pen if you like 
  • Handouts will be provided 

Meet the Team

Selene  is a holistic nutritionist, health educator, and certified yoga instructor that loves showing people how easy and delicious healthy can be. She’s written for publications such as Alive magazine, hosted nutrition talks and seminars, been a featured chef on Raw Food Recipes, and led cooking classes for groups of awesome people just like you.

Sofia is a long time facilitator and communications specialist and the brainchild behind the Happy Vagina Project - an initiative to get women talking about sex and thinking about the connections between the boardroom and the bedroom. She is soaking up all she can about feminine energy, leadership and sex and dishing out real style in an effort to change the world. 

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7:30 PM19:30

The Straight Goods - Keeping Your Vagina Happy

Whether you are into back rubs and bubble baths or safe words and straps ons – come enjoy a classy and sassy night out with the ladies. The Happy Vagina Project together with SMRT Pop Ups is proud to host an independent Passion Party. We'll shine the light on our issues between the sheets and share some laughs. Come prepared with your most scandalous stories, juiciest sex tips and craziest questions. 

- Games
- Prizes
- Product Samples
- Tips and tricks

If you want to spice things up in the sack or give your single self a little romance, come dressed in your favourite formal wear for a night of real talk, laughs and serious vagina wisdom. 

Tickets: $10 
* Includes 1 free drink and complimentary appetizers. 

Seating is Limited so register early:

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6:30 PM18:30

The Happy Vagina Project - Pilot Workshop

You are cordially invited to the launch of the pilot workshop for the Happy Vagina Project.

This ladies only evening will consist of a two hour interactive workshop and dialogue where we will play around with concepts of the feminine, sexuality, and leadership. Bring your stories and your sass and come prepared to laugh.

RSVP through Event Brite here - Tickets are limited. Details and location will be emailed to you before the event. Tickets include nibbles and one complimentary drink. 

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