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How to be a Grown Ass Woman - Taking Care of Yourself Like a Boss

Growing up is hard to do. Get ready for the ultimate mash-up of nutrition, yoga, and feminine woo woo (what what!) that’s sure to have your gorgeous lady self ready to take on the world like a boss! Sofia and Selene will share practical tips and easy to implement tools for embracing your amazing feminine mind, body and spirit and awakening your inner awesome. 

Registration: $50.00 (includes yummy smoothies, raw food treats, handouts and magic.)

How It's Going to Go Down:

9:45 AM - Getting Cozy
Set up, get comfortable and ready to start the day. Tasty smoothies and light treats will be served. 

10:00 AM (SHARP) - Meet Your Fellow Superheroes (Introductions and Icebreakers)

10:30- 11:30  AM - What is Feminine WooWoo Anyways?
Together we'll explore our lady super powers and talk about the biology, psychology, and spirituality (history/anthropology) of the feminine. We'lll talk about how to embrace and tap into our strengths and rock the inner awesome and the planet. 

11:30AM-12:15PM - Yoga that Booty - Loving Your Bod 
Delicious Yoga to get our afternoon started right. Selene will lead you in an energizing yoga routine that will leave you relaxed, focused, and ready to take on the world.

12:15PM - 1:00PM - LUNCH BREAK

1:00PM-2:00PM - Super Foods for Super Women
Everything is connected. What we eat affects our mind, emotions, and bodies. Selene will walk you through the foods that will help balance hormones, fight cancer and give you other super powers. With an easy to digest summary of current scientific research, she’ll make it fun and delicious for you to find health, happiness, and superhuman strength through your plate.

2:00PM - 2:15PM - BREAK

2:15PM - 3:15PM - Keeping your Vagina Happy
Sexuality is about so much more than your lady bits. In this interactive talk Sofia will shine the light on some of our issues between the sheets and talk about how our relationship to pleasure affects our whole life. Kegels, G-spots, and breast massage oh-My! Come ready with your questions and stories and let's talk real vagina business. 

3:15PM - 4PM- Closing the day

Important Details

  • Space is limited to 15 women so register early
  • Yummy smoothies, coffee, tea, and whole food snacks are on us
  • Bring a yoga mat (beg, borrow or steal we don't care) 
  • Bring a lunch - there will be a 45 minute break and brown bags are sexy
  • Wear something stretchy and comfy. Chunky wool socks and sweaters encouraged. Who says you can't be stylish while you go on retreat. 
  • Bring a journal and pen if you like 
  • Handouts will be provided 

Meet the Team

Selene  is a holistic nutritionist, health educator, and certified yoga instructor that loves showing people how easy and delicious healthy can be. She’s written for publications such as Alive magazine, hosted nutrition talks and seminars, been a featured chef on Raw Food Recipes, and led cooking classes for groups of awesome people just like you.

Sofia is a long time facilitator and communications specialist and the brainchild behind the Happy Vagina Project - an initiative to get women talking about sex and thinking about the connections between the boardroom and the bedroom. She is soaking up all she can about feminine energy, leadership and sex and dishing out real style in an effort to change the world. 

Later Event: April 23
Happy V. Happy Me.