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Happy V Book Club - Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay


Are you a feminist? What makes a good feminist or a bad one? Roxanne Gay has some ideas and they will make you laugh, cry and think... seriously. Her book, Bad Feminist, is a series of essays that is one part personal biography, one part rant, and one part pop culture review. It is witty and hilarious and awesome and also asks us to think about some really big questions. 

I never used to call myself a feminist. I had a really hard time with the word. I equated it with "man -hater". Over the last five years I've come to define and create my own view of what it means to be a feminist. But I tell you, sometimes it is frustrating as hell to be so god damned PC all the time. I work in marketing for craps sakes - stereotypes and labels are how I am trained to communicate. Seeing the world through other people's eyes and shaking up my view of reality is exhausting in some moments, and damnit, sometimes I just want to listen to that catchy-as-all-hell rap song that is misogynistic as fuck. Oh - and I like swearing. Do good feminists swear? 

I chose this book because it's a great reflection on a still often-times contentious word, because it's intersectional, and because it helps us to see into a world that is not ours. Always, because being a feminist is important, and thinking about how we make change for ourselves and others in the world is a divine pursuit - even if it's frustrating sometimes.  

Check out Roxanne's Ted Talk here for the skinny. We'll see you at the end of July. 

The details:
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
7:00PM - 9:00PM
707 Jarvis st (studio access is in the alleyway)

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