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Happy V Book Club - Mating in Captivity

I'm really excited to dive into Mating in Captivity By Esther Perel for our August meet up. I have a total girl-crush on this celebrity couples therapist. Her book is a deep dive into erotic intelligence and how to keep the fires burning in our domestic partnerships. 

I have yet to read the book but listen to her podcast interviews and online videos often. She helps us to explore why and how our sex lives often nose dive in marriage and after kids and what we can do about it. It's not all hopeless I promise. Desire can feel like a fickle thing - Perel uses science, research and twenty years of working with couples to guide us back to the home fires.

You can check out her brilliant Ted talk here. I can't wait to hear your reflections on this read.  
The Details: 
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017
707 Jarvis St. (Back alley garage entrance)