A list of awesome blogs, books and personalities that have inspired me to date.



Vagina: A new Biography - Naomi Wolf
Hands down THE best book I read of 2013. Naomi goes through the western and eastern evidence for the vagina body connection. In her own words "The Vagina serves, physiologically, to activate the matrix of chemicals that feel to the female brain, like the "Goddess" - that is, like an awareness of one's own great dignity, and a great self love as a woman, as a radiant part of the universal feminine."

The Ripple Effect: How Better Sex Can Lead to a Better LIfe - Dr. Gail Saltz
A really great book about the stories we tell ourselves about who we are in the sack and how these stories related directly to the narratives that guide our choices and our lives. 

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work and Sexual Desire - David Deida
This book is a beautiful walk through of the masculine energy. It's helping me understand the differences between Yin and Yang and given me wonderful insights into men's or those who identify as masculine's minds. Poetic and direct it is a beautiful resource and one that I envision I will return to for years to come. 

The Healing Power of Sacred Woman - Health, Creativity and Fertility for the Soul - Christine R. Page M.D.
If you want to learn more about the WooWoo this book is a romantic walk through the history, anthropology, culture and spirituality of the feminine. I learned so much about the phases of a woman's life and our spiritual connection to body. From the virgin to the crone, from the breasts to the yoni, she walks us through the more spiritual side of our feminine power.