The "ultimate girl's night in" as they say. Bring the sex toy shop to your house for a night of games, story swapping, real talk and fun. 

What to Expect:

 I: Give a fun 30 minute introduction of our spa and toy products with tips, tricks and interactive activities - you will be getting your hands dirty. Once I'm done I set up shop in a private space for those who want to place an order. 

You: Relax, enjoy, share your triumphs, and maybe your downfalls, laugh, learn something new, and stock up on juicy goodies for your "dirty deed box" (Don't pretend you don't have one.) 

Hostess Rewards:
When you host a party you are my partner in crime. Your job is tasty treat, delicious bevies, and fun friends. Hostesses receive discounts and purchasing credits for every dollar spent at the party. Get the toys you want most at a price that makes your wallet happier. 




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