How to include your baby in your wedding day

For newlyweds-to-be that are also parents, there is one guest that is the most important, their child. With a trend in couples waiting for later in life to get married, it’s not unusual for their baby to come before the wedding day. Of course on your wedding day, you want to include your baby, but you want to also be present with your friends and family. For parents of babies, planning ahead can make the day smooth and low stress for everyone, without skipping naptime. 

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Bringing Back Self-Pleasure

Okay, mama’s, this month is Halloween, and if you are in Canada, Thanksgiving. With the way that holiday’s go it seems as though at the strike of midnight on November 1st, the Christmas season will be upon us.

Why am I reminding you of this, you may be asking, and I’m going to tell you why right now.

Once the holiday’s hit, so does the stress and personal time, self-care, and sometimes sanity, can go straight out the window. Let’s be honest: are you going to stay home and pleasure yourself, whatever that means to you, OR are you going to go out and buy little Jimmy his Halloween costume or little Sadie that highly coveted toy she wants for Christmas?

That’s what I thought: see ya later, self-pleasure.

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