2017 is your year to be brave

Are you ready to be brave in 2017? Are you ready to do one of the most badass, radical, and courageous things you can do to change your life? Reclaim your Sexy in Six Weeks is a program to get you loving yourself - every little bit - whole. Doesn't sound that crazy on the surface, but loving who you are and letting yourself shine is a radical thing to do in this day and age.

Exploring your sexuality is a brave and courageous act. Especially when the word sexuality is still so steeped in shame and taboo. I've been talking to so many of you about this program. I can see the fear, sadness and frustration that's got you stuck and I can see the terror that is holding you back from making change. 
I'm writing to say I hear you. It is terrifying! I've been there and continue to be everyday. I've been getting real brave with myself over the last five years. It hasn't always been easy. But I just finally got to that place. Got to that place where I was tired of curling up in a ball with my back to my partner in that acute loneliness of feeling unseen and unserved. Got to that place of angry-to-tears because it wasn't really his fault - because I wasn't asking for what I needed, I wasn't sharing my pain, because I just wasn't fucking orgasming. It felt good but not GREAT, MAGICAL, INSPIRATIONAL, AMAZING. I got tired of feeling like life and work and sex were all 'MEH'. 

I imagined "the issue" I was having as a monster, hiding in some deep dark pit that I was sitting next to. And the more I ignored it and pretended it wasn't there, the louder and more disruptive it got. I finally just hit a wall and said," FUCK IT - I'm going in!". And I grabbed my flashlight and took the ladder down the hole to sit with my monster. I read about sexuality, I learned how my body worked, I got real with my pleasure and my pain and things got better. They are not all magically solved, but the tiniest of shifts have made the world of difference - in asking for what I want, in listening to what my body needs, in seeing all the pleasure that is around me, and magnifying and expanding it so it fills me up and lets me shine. 

The word 'sexuality' has a bad rap.

When we hear it we literally think of one thing -  P+V (Penis in Vagina). Sexual intercourse, which is really only one kind of sex btw, is a fraction of the things we can explore in our sexuality. Sexuality is about who we are, how we relate to our bodies, and how we relate sexually with others in the world. There is so much to explore here that has nothing to do with orgasm, or body parts, or even our intimate relationships. Sexuality is about another P+V.  Pleasure and Vulnerability. 

 Anything worth doing is at least mildly terrifying. 

There are many many ways to explore who we are in the world and to challenge those demons that are holding us back in life. We can meditate, we can do yoga, we can experiment with our relationship to money, examine how we were raised - it's endless. Exploring our sexuality is just one path into understanding the self - but it's a powerful one - precisely because it is so terrifying. As a society, for women in particular, exploring and reclaiming your sexual self truly is a bold, badass, courageous move.

You have a right to pleasure. You have a right to love and understand your body. You have a right to shine bright onto the world. 

What's it costing you, right now, to do nothing about that nagging itch? What's it costing your relationship? What's it costing your happiness? Reclaim your Sexy in Six Week is about taking those first steps into exploring your pleasure, your sensuality and your sexuality. It's about baby steps. It's about fun and laughter and joy and curiosity. It's challenge-by-choice with no pressure to share. Maybe you'll dive right into your hole to say hello to your monsters, maybe you'll just sit next to the hole for a while, dip a toe in. Either way, you will begin the process of reclaiming who you are. It's time to be brave. Your 2017 deserves it. 


Got more questions? Email me at Sofia@thehappyvaginaproject.com and we can chat about where you are at. 

Not so keen on the group format? We can do private coaching sessions too. Get all the details here. 






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