Five ways to live a radical life and channel your red hot rage

Me at 4 AM this morning reading about abortion law-making in Georgia and Alabama

Me at 4 AM this morning reading about abortion law-making in Georgia and Alabama

It’s four AM and the baby is wide awake and trolling the living room. For the second night in a row I’m up late and scrolling Facebook and reading story after story after story about all this abortion B.S happening down in the states. If you aren’t caught up you can start your reading about it here in this Fast Company article. I feel angry, hopeless, frustrated, and despondent. ALL OF THE FEELS.

I’m thinking to myself, as I’m sure you are - why is this STILL happening? Why are we STILL having this fight? What am I doing? How am I helping my sisters of colour, those in other countries where miscarriage is criminalized (how am I just learning this is a thing)! What can I do to stop this ludicrous and insane war on women and their bodies?

Deep Breaths

What CAN I do? I can channel the anger. Channel it into clarity. This matters to me. Women and girls matter to me. Their rights to their bodies matters to me. This is why I do this work. This is why what I teach is so important. It’s not just about better orgasms, and deeper relationships. It’s about small daily radical acts against this bigger system. Don’t get me wrong - the system MUST change and everyone has to be a part of that change, especially our male allies. An also there are small yet powerful things we can do to reclaim our power and become agents of the change we want to see.

So if you too are feeling a red hot rage I have five tips for how you can channel it and live radically in the face of this news.

  1. It’s radical to love your body, and own your pleasure. It’s radical to touch your body, to bring it pleasure of all kinds be it the pleasure of full and deep rest, amazing food, soulful moments with friends, and the sheer ecstasy of orgasm. Dance. Eat great food. Masturbate. Have exquisite sex.  

  2. It’s radical to embrace your period. To see it as a power source. To live by it’s rhythm. To  know your body, and give it what it needs as it works it's monthly cycle. To talk about it - with your kids, your partner, your friends. Make friends with it.

  3. It’s radical to talk about sex, relationships and sexual identity with your kids. It’s radical to be a mom whose 15 year old son asks you to pick up Plan B cause his condom broke and he’s worried about his girlfriend. It’s radical to help your kids know their bodies, trust their bodies and understand how to love and keep their bodies safe. Be a sex ed advocate in your home.

  4. It’s radical to say fuck you to shame. To bring your sexuality out of the darkness. To own your deepest desires. To take control of what you want, to feel you deserve it and to ask for it unabashedly. Talk about sex with your friends. Get a therapist or a coach if you feel called to.

  5. It’s radical to lead from a place that embraces who you truly are, in all your femininity. To embrace emotion, to embrace authentic expression and to fight for the rights and safety of women everywhere. Run for office, lead a company, head a non profit, or lead your family and do it from a place that honours who you truly are in all your womanhood.

I’ll be there alongside you - weaving these radical acts into my everyday life. It is not easy. The entire system is rigged against us - which is why the simple acts of believing you matter and choosing your pleasure are so badass. We can’t do it without each other So let’s do it together.

Do share girlfriend - how are you being radical and channeling your red hot rage today? Leave a comment below or on social.

Side note - these are long game tips for sure. In the short term I am donating to Planned Parenthood in Alabama and Georgia and invite you to do so too. Or send some money to your favourite comprehensive sex education organization. Or send this lovely educational piece to a government leader near you.

So much love. And all the feels. Take care of each other right now.

The Happy V

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