Pleasure is Not a Dirty Word

There are three key ingredients to great sex and, not surprisingly, they are also keys to a great life. Can you guess what they are?

  • Presence: The ability to be totally in the moment with all the senses

  • Relaxation: The ability to relax fully into pleasure both in your mind and your body

  • Connection: The ability to fully connect with yourself or your partner so you feel safe, held, and loved enough to unleash.

And there’s one extra magical ingredient that is needed for all three.

Hint - I like to say sex is all about P+ V. The secret ingredient is the P.

Nope - it’s not penis. It's PLEASURE.

Side note - the V is not vagina it’s vulnerability (more on that in the future).

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Pleasure is not a dirty word lady! Your ability to feel into your senses and truly receive pleasure is at the centre of your ability to be present, to relax and to feel connection.

Pleasure is literally medicine for your body.

I ask you then - how much pleasure is in your life? Small pleasure moments (like truly enjoying that strawberry you are eating) and large pleasure moments like giggle fights with the whole family or snuggles with your pup. Can you count how many you have in a day? How would you feel if you could make that number even higher? 

Now, don't get me wrong, we can't appreciate the highs without the lows. This is not about the pressure to make life one constant happy party. Instead this is about awareness of our pleasure. What can we find when we slow down and notice it?

Your Challenge 

For the next three days I invite you to notice your pleasure. At the end of each day reflect back and write down your top 3 most pleasurable moments. 

  • What was happening? Who were you with?

  • On a scale of 1(meh) and 10 (total bliss) how would you rate each moment?

  • If you are not seeing anything above a 6 what can you do the next day to give yourself at least one moment of 10 scale pleasure?

Heres, the deal. What we focus on grows. When we write down those moments at the end of the day we relive them and all the benefits pleasure and relaxation bring to our physical body. And - for the bonus - the more we work that pleasure awareness muscle out of the bedroom, the easier it is to fire it in the bedroom and unlock our presence, relaxation and connection.

Did you have a 10 scale moment this week? Share it with us on on Insta and Facebook

Much Love and Happy Pleasuring.

The Happy V

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