How to include your baby in your wedding day

For newlyweds-to-be that are also parents, there is one guest that is the most important, their child. With a trend in couples waiting for later in life to get married, it’s not unusual for their baby to come before the wedding day. Of course on your wedding day, you want to include your baby, but you want to also be present with your friends and family. For parents of babies, planning ahead can make the day smooth and low stress for everyone, without skipping naptime. 


Since babies don’t realize that a wedding is happening, or what that means, couples need to find a way for the baby to be there and play an important role, with the ability to be flexible. Here are five easy and flexible ways to include your baby on your wedding day:

1. Participate as a flower girl or ring bearer

Nothing is cuter than a baby all dressed up on a wedding day. You can include your baby as a flower girl or ring bearer in a special adorable outfit. To get down the aisle the baby s/he could be pulled in a wagon or carried by a relative. PRO TIP: If you pick a wagon, be sure to have the florist decorate it with flowers and ribbons to make the entrance extra adorable.

2. Mention the child in your vows

These days it’s very common for couples to write their own vows. When you are writing your vows, don’t forget to mention your child and say a few words about how s/he has played a roll in your relationship. If your baby is old enough to say a few words, they can participate in the vows too, even if it’s as simple as “mama” or “dada.”

3. Name your specialty drink after your baby

Your baby isn’t old enough enjoy cocktails, but that doesn’t mean s/he can’t have one named after them. For example, you could have a “Michael Mule” in place of a Moscow Mule or just use the child’s first name. A cocktail named after your baby is sure to be a big hit.

4. Take their photos first

When you are making your shot list for your photographer, take the photos with your baby first. Also, don’t make the list really long, you don’t want to end up with screaming baby photos. Be sure to pack toys that your baby likes to keep them occupied and happy during the photos.

5. Pack a baby wedding emergency bag

We’ve all heard of emergency bags for wedding days, filled with duct tape, scissors, lighters, hairspray and more. When you have your baby as part of your wedding day, be sure to pack a special bag to help him/her make it through the day smoothly. In your baby wedding day emergency bag, include things like a second (or even third or fourth) cute outfit, pajamas to change into at the end of the night, a hat and sunscreen for summer weddings, a blanket for the evening and plenty of snacks. 

BONUS TIP: Hire a babysitter. I always say that a friend (or relative) can’t be a good guest and a good vendor. This is true too when it comes to someone to watch your baby. The baby’s grandma needs to be in the photos and also wants to visit with friends and family. The baby’s aunt wants to hit the dance floor and enjoy an extra glass of champagne. It’s best to hire a babysitter that can be responsible for your baby from first thing in the morning until the after party is over. Having the peace of mind that your baby is taken care of is the best gift you can give yourself on your wedding day.

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