Bringing Back Self-Pleasure

Okay, mama’s, this month is Halloween, and if you are in Canada, Thanksgiving. With the way that holiday’s go it seems as though at the strike of midnight on November 1st, the Christmas season will be upon us.

Why am I reminding you of this, you may be asking, and I’m going to tell you why right now.

Once the holiday’s hit, so does the stress and personal time, self-care, and sometimes sanity, can go straight out the window. Let’s be honest: are you going to stay home and pleasure yourself, whatever that means to you, OR are you going to go out and buy little Jimmy his Halloween costume or little Sadie that highly coveted toy she wants for Christmas?

That’s what I thought: see ya later, self-pleasure.

What’s holding you back from flying solo?

What’s holding you back from flying solo?

On that note, I’m bringing back a few blog posts for you that are allllll about seeking pleasure. Here are our Top 3 blogs that are a must-read when it comes to pleasure; when we were younger all of that #shittysexed taught us that touching yourself was a bad thing. Man were they wrong! The stigma that is still around masturbation and pleasure seems to linger, but not here, and not today. This blog roundup will let you know why you should drop those shackles and fully embrace the pleasure.

5 Ways Shitty Sex Ed is Still Messing With You

Spoiler alert: masturbation is awesome + it’s more than okay to talk about it.

Masturbation was not even mentioned and they skipped the detailed anatomy. Solo loving is the number one way to get satisfaction under the sheets.

A V-Day Love Letter to My Vagina

Maybe you like writing letters, and maybe you don’t, but your vagina is with you through the thick and thin- when was the last time you showered her with love, appreciation, and gratitude? Read my letter to my vagina and get inspired to write one of your very own!

I love it when you ask me for you what you need. I love it when you respond with glee when we play together. I love it when you invite me to try new things, to go beyond my limits. I love how you feel beneath my fingers - so smooth and soft. I love how we are learning together.

Why We Should All Have a Vintage Lingerie Collection

I talk a lot about pleasure and self-pleasure around here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that pleasure has to be outside of the sheets. What are you doing daily to make you feel luxurious, pampered, and special? Read about my love affair for vintage lingerie collection

Deriving pleasure from sex is about being in a relaxed state with one’s body and one’s pleasure. It is about, amongst many other things, being connected to a sensual, sexual, confident self. My question here is, how do the clothes you wear help or hinder you in your quest to connect with that part of yourself?

That concludes this round up all about your self-pleasure. We wanted to make sure we tackled some of the different pieces of self-pleasure, because it is such a multi-faceted part of your life.

Yours in pleasure,

The Happy V Project