The Reclaim Your sexy
in Six weeks
online mini course

You saw the promo for the Reclaim your Sexy in Six  Weeks Workshop. Something about the course caught your eye but maybe you don't have the time, or the budget, or you still aren't sure what it's all about. Now you can tag along and get a sneak peak behind the scenes with the FREE Reclaim your Sexy in Six Weeks online mini-course.

Every Friday we'll send you an inspirational email with some food for thought and tools to help you dive deep into what's holding you back from claiming your pleasure and shinning bright onto the world. 

The first step to making shifts in your sex life is getting curious, getting a little playful, and facing what's nagging you head on. This six-week mini-course is designed to get you reflecting on the stories that hold you back, tuning into what you want, and exploring the broadest meaning of sensuality and pleasure in your life. 

You have the power to be a motherfukin' Sorceress! To be that badass babe who glows everywhere she goes; confident in who she is, confident in what she wants, and not afraid to shine. 

Give yourself a little space once a week. Cozy up with a candle and your journal or favourite doodling tools and see what you can uncover as the sun gently creeps its way back for spring. 

I'll see you on the other side. 

- The Happy V

Got questions? Email sofia@thehappyvaginaproject.com

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