Sofia Fortin is the founder of the Happy Vagina Project. A Certified Authentic Tantra Coach and Sex Educator, she is the go to gal for all things motherhood and sexuality. Her mission in life is to help all mammas (whether new or seasoned) to become best friends with their vaginas, their womanhood and their authentic selves so they can unleash their inner awesome on the world.

Motherhood is a time of rapid change. Our bodies, our hormones, our sense of self, our connection to our partner, our priorities and our desires are all dice in midair - we are never sure which way they are going to land and when they do they are picked up and thrown again. 

Sexual exploration is not only about the art of sex, it’s about personal growth and healing. At the Happy Vagina Project we’ll give you the map to your anatomy, the right to your pleasure, and the tools to ask for what you want - all so you can experience deeper connection and more goodness in your life. Our deepest wish is for every woman to see the power in her fiery inner feminine, to connect with her sexuality and to shine her light bright on this world. 

Sofia brings a sassy blend of real talk, tantric tools, and modern science to her approach. As a long time communications consultant she's got the chops to cheerlead you through those tough times when the ground beneath you doesn't seem too stable any more and the things you thought you knew about yourself and your world are shifting.

It is a courageous act to explore your sexuality with conciseness and curiosity. If you are ready to say yes to your whole self, yes to your deepest desires, yes to more pleasure and deeper connection in your relationship, then let's get started. 

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